Jyoti’s Narrative

Jyoti14-year old Jyoti lives with her family in Shastri Mohalla, Delhi. She dreams of becoming a singer one day. She is very close to her grandfather who encourages her to follow her dreams. Full of aspirations and hope, Jyoti is keen on bringing about a change in the cluster she lives in. She realizes that every citizen has to be responsible in their actions for a change to come about.   And she feels that no one should shy away from cleaning their own surroundings.

We should not only clean our own surroundings, but even tell other elders to do the same. If we spot garbage in front of someone’s house, we should remove it. When we go out we should not throw garbage anywhere. We should find a dustbin to throw the waste. If there’s no dustbin available, we should keep it in our bag and throw it later when we spot a dustbin. We have to keep our house and surroundings clean. We also have to keep the roads and parks clean. And we have to do this together. If one person will start this practice, others will soon follow. Cleaning your house and surroundings is not a shameful thing.

Jyoti is a young but well informed citizen who is aware of what practices to follow when it comes to sanitation and hygiene.  She strongly believes in every (wo)man’s potential to maintain cleanliness around them.

If there’s any water standing, we should put petrol or kerosene to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in it. Instead of waiting for some authority, if we spot any ditches, we should fill them up on our own. If we can’t do it on our own, we should seek help from someone elder. We can also request the official authorities for help.

In case the garbage collection van is not coming, we can volunteer one by one to collect garbage from all houses. We can take turns for this task. We have to do things on our own before we expect authorities to do their bit.

Jyoti feels that instead of blaming the authorities for everything, community residents should take responsibility of first correcting their own habits. Once everyone takes a step in the right direction, she feels the desired change will be inevitable.

By Shruti Pushkarna


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