Samudayik Bhagidari-Ek Pahal

A joint event was organized by Hamari Pahal and Mahila Pragati Manch-youth and women’s forum with the support from CFAR to share the work done by the young people, women and men living in the settlement, since 2012.
This community-led effort is based on the dynamic and experiential process of identifying Positive Deviants from the community who then go on to ensure that they find home grown and local solutions to their problems. Facilitated by CFAR this ‘Positive Deviance’ methodology was used to create sustained community engagement on sanitation.
The high point of the event was the ‘Exhibition’ entitled Badlav ki Pahal, which showcased the empowering the community to demand as well as take responsibility to improve infrastructural and behavioural conditions to ensure a better quality of life for residents, and was inaugurated by Shrii Narayan Sharma, MLA
Prominent among the initiatives taken up in this area were-cleaning and covering of the open drain,construction and maintenance of a CTC, laying water pipelines,kitchen gardens, cleaning of garbage, use of dustbins, health camps, supply of nutritious food in anganwadis, and construction of CC roads.
Representatives from Mahila Pragati Manch and Hamari Pahel shared about their persisting concerns and challenges and listed out the nature of support they required from MCD and Delhi Government.
Their demands included:
“Naale ki niyamit safai na hone ke karan, basti mein paani bhar jaat hai. Isliye naale ki safai hone chahiye. Iske alawa naale ki chaurahi bhi badhai jaani chahiyey”.(Due to irregular municipal cleaning of the drain there is an overflow of water in the settlement. Hence the drain should be cleaned.Also the width of the drain should be increased for easy flow of water)
“Basti ke bahar daldal ko saaf karke playground banaya jaana chahiye”.(The swamp outside the camp should be cleaned to create a playground for the kids).
“Saaf peene ka paani har ghar tak pahunchna chahiye”.(Every house should get clean drinking water)
“CC road ka kaam samay se poora hona chahiye”.(The construction of CC road should be completed on time).
Responding to the concerns the MLA assured them and stated emphatically that:
There will be clean drinking water pipelines in settlements within three months.
An allocation of 40 lakhs has been made for construction of a new CTC, tenders have been passed and the work will begin soon.
The construction of CC road will be efficiently completed on time.